01 March 2013

In Case You Missed It...

Capturing the last week in a nutshell.  Easy to read and easy to stay up to date on the cool, the crazy, and the communist.

There has been some political developments and almost as exciting as last week's!  Slovenia, not to be outdone by Bulgaria, democratically hoisted and defenestrated their PM Janša.  No dignified resignations, but a simple oust through the operations of government.  They get extra gold stars for a functioning government (am I bitter because of the American sequester? MAYBE). Others are trying to do the same. 


Everything Is Turning to Ruin

 Slovenia - Has a low-level tolerance for shenanigans these days.  It's mostly shocking since it's been a "sleepy" aka uneventful country just going to work from 9-5 and arguing with Croatia about banking.  Then a no-confidence vote got rid of Janez Janša.

Poland - Trying to do a no-confidence vote as well. 

Bosnia - Jumping on the no-confidence bandwagon, too.

Bulgaria - Still has the right to be malcontent.  On the flip side, they did get a new patriarch of the Orthodox church.  Since there hasn't been much organization and movement on the political scene, part of me worries this will turn into a mob gathering of torches and pitchforks without any real plans.  Prove me wrong.  No, really, please.

Austerity: it's totally working.  Against the ruling governments, that is.  Whoops.

Hague Trials - This is a worrying development, particularly since Ratko Mladić and Radovan Karadžić's trials are still ongoing.  Good work!  Now the Balkans can continue to be a festering wound of tribal violence!  The only people responsible are the poor saps on the ground.  Except for the Blue Helmets.  They're special   Figure this out, ICTY because your law logic astounds.

Catholics - The pope resigned.  This isn't specific to CEE, but it's worth mentioning since Europe has a long history with Catholicism and Germany is still dealing with molestation lawsuits.


Twitter Highlights

Photos of Transnistria.  This region is a breakaway from Moldova, sandwiched between there and Ukraine, that is still in political limbo.  There's no official recognition of the country, nor does it have its own currency or economy.  The photos are fascinating and simultaneously depressing, like photos of North Korea.

Bolshevik Mean Girls.  I like the movie 'Mean Girls'.  I don't exactly like bolsheviks, but I like studying communism, so the mashing is just fine with me.  I giggled.

Paula Kirby.  I follow her and it's great.  Her feed has great stuff on 1980s GDR (or DDR, for purists) and we should be friends.

Soviet Safety Posters.  Some of them are unwittingly hilarious and some make you wonder if humans have been stupid about machines since forever.  Maybe that's the hilarity of it all.