22 March 2013

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Since I have not been following the news this week (which I am sure to regret since that's when EVERYTHING happens!), I can't do a summary.  I'm very sorry.  However, I do have a bunch of fun links and that's always a good time.  You're welcome.

(Caveat emptor - some of these are old! Sorry twitter followers)


Faces of the Great Purge: Who was sentenced to death in Stalin's wrath.

This picture makes me so sad that I can't even talk about it.

Romanian children in the shadows of communism's monoliths.

My friend Christine Armbruster has a lot of lovely photos from her project in Russia, which I highlighted here.  It's still in the works!

The paranoia of Hoxha led to the numerous concrete bunkers, appearing like pimples of an adolescent youth.

Hungary nearing closer and closer to önkényuralom (tyranny).  The 1/3 minority were absent for the vote.

I just discovered this DDR tumblr, which is filling me with joyous despair.  This one is doing the very same.  I'm rather obsessed with Ostalgie.

My all-time favorite for CEE pictures is Fuck Yeah Eastern Europe, HANDS DOWN.  You better know what's up.  If you don't, then GTFO.


Just an introduction to the Jung Pioniere songs of yesteryear.  Tons in the right hand column for perusing.


Even though this was published in 1987, I am still reading it with utter fascination.

Partizaning: A grassroots movement to create change that the government refuses to do.

Dictators like social media, too: Chechnyan dictator Kadyrov's Instagram account.  Waiting for Putin to start one with more bare chested horseback riding and tiger hunting.

In Poland, meat was political, but in all Soviet states, pretty much everything was political.

Feminism hasn't taken hold in Ukraine the way FEMEN would like, but is it taking hold at all?

Interested in Russian culture beyond what you see in major media?  Look no further: Touch Russia.


  1. http://osten.tumblr.com/image/41145188168 This still exists, you can find it on the Kulturpalast in Dresden: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kulturpalast_Dresden_2.jpg

  2. Vielen Dank! That's the perfect example. That's also a tumblr I didn't know about, so this is a doubly great comment.