06 March 2013

Armenian Songs

I had mentioned on twitter that I'm currently obsessed with Isabel Bayrakdarian. She is from Armenian heritage, though born in Lebanon and having lived in Canada since her teenage years.  In 2005, she traveled to Armenia and did a series of performances for traditional Armenian songs, included "Dle Yaman" accompanied by a duduk quartet.  This was all recorded in the film, "A Long Journey Home" in 2005.  I have not seen the entire film, but the excerpts I have seen (embedded below) are stunning.  Incidentally, I discovered her because of her work on the Lord of the Rings score, but the Armenian hymns she sings are so much more haunting and beautiful.  I love sonorous music, so the Armenian hymns are probably my favorite, though Dvorak gives them a run for their money.  Enjoy!

"Song to the Moon" by Antonin Dvorak

"Quta Der (Lord Have Mercy)" - Armenian hymn

"Le Le Yaman (Lament)" - traditional Armenian song

"Chem Krna Khagha (I Can't Dance)" - traditional Armenian song

"Sourp Sourp (Holy, Holy"  - Armenian hymn

"Andouni (Homeless)" - traditional Armenian song

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