18 January 2012

Gorbi! Gorbi!

I have a really special post coming up in the near future (I'm talking about you, Loredana!), but right now I need to campaign my case for Judson University's World Leaders Forum

I really, really, REALLY want to go.  As in, I would cry for joy if I got to go.  Gorbachev is speaking and we all know what a big deal he is.  Hearing this man speak would be the greatest honor since it is obvious I have this inexplicable need to breathe CEE.  I don't know if this post will help anything, but it's worth a shot.

Please let me attend with my fiancee!  I promise to do a really nice write-up of the forum.  I did some nice ones on CCGA.  We're both really nerdy about politcal/economic subjects and I hoard all things CEE.  If you're unconvinced, browse my archives.  It would be better if you saw my bookshelves and the hundreds of dollars I spend on CEE related books (I spent $60 the last time I stepped into a book store in Hyde Park, which has TONS because they're all University of Chicago cast-offs).  There should be more posts, but life gets crazier when you work full time instead of doing piecemeal occupations. 

Anyway, I want to go!  I think I should go!  Let me go!