My name is Taylor Brown and I am thrilled to have an outlet for my obsession with Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).  I created this blog in my spare time as a way to keep track of my studies and interests, but it transformed into a passionate project to make the region accessible for all.  CEE is a fascinating place that is not as accessible as it could be, so my aim is to create a hub for resources, non-jargon discussion, and cultural diversions.  You could simply stumble into a new favorite hobby!  That's kind of how it happened for me...

I graduated in sociocultural anthropology, with a minor in German studies, from Brigham Young University.  It was only after visits to Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest in 2007 that my interest in CEE started to form.  I spent the rest of my undergraduate studies focusing on this obsession and completing my thesis.  I conducted ethnographic research project in Lütte, Brandenburg, Germany in 2009 and produced my thesis entitled: "Windmills and Walls: A Social Club Harnesses the Winds of Change in Brandenburg".

The paper discusses the positive social and economic impact of a grassroots social club, called Verein Altes Haus, in the community.  The paper is published in the 2010 Inquiry Journal and I presented in the 2010 Inquiry Conference.  My fellow presenters and I titled our section "Political Transition, Social Reaction" and tied together research in South Africa, Germany, and Romania.  You can see the presentation here, which was also presented at the 2010 Western Social Science Association Conference.  (You will have to scroll down through the list of presenters to find my name.)   I finished my academic studies by interning at an education NGO in Budapest.  Needless to say, my mind swallowed the city whole.  

When I came back, I couldn't go without my daily dose of Europe. 

I am now in Chicago working by day and devouring Europe at night.  Follow me on Twitter!  I follow interesting people, tweet what I'm reading, and add to the resources available on this blog.

If you would like to be featured, or have a suggestion for what I'm missing, please shoot me a tweet or an email!