07 March 2011

Regular Scheduling

My Google stats have given me a lot of interesting data, like I have readers in South Korea?  Wow.  I was also graced by a comment from Daria Kostenko, a Hungarian designer I featured (!!!!).  This is all very exciting news and I'm excited!  Unfortunately, my schedule has taken a turn for the busy and I'm trying to figure out my new time for doing these posts.  One post easily takes me two hours to research and write, so you can imagine why it suddenly fell off the wagon when my schedule changed.  I also have books I need to read before the library lays claim on them again.  I also have to finish watching The Decalogue.  There are other hobbies I need to keep up, so I'm torn between all my loves.  But I promise to finish Historic Moments week in the near future and keep writing up new themed features.

I may need to revise my posting schedule to every other day instead of every day or something, so changes are a comin'.  I'm thrilled to have new audiences and I hope to not disappoint any of you with the upcoming changes.  Viva CEE!