30 March 2011

Macedonian Animation

Today's post is super short, partially because I don't have time and partially because I cannot find much on the interwebs.  Sadly, my search for Macedonian animation has led me to a scant supply of information.  My only disclaimer is that I don't speak Macedonian or know the Cyrillic alphabet, so my search may have been entirely hindered.  This is why I need to learn Cyrillic letters and a Slavic language ASAP; it's holding up my interests.

I did find Vistinskata prikazna za Hansel i Gretel (The True Story of Hansel and Gretel).  The animation looks promising enough.  It came out last year and Goce Cvetanovski is the big Macedonian name.  From what I could scavenge, he appears to be a director with some animation chops.  He's not strictly involved with animation, as his IMDb profile and associated YouTube videos show.  I have nothing else to show for this search, so here's the embedded video:

The next thing I found was Petar Gligorovski, who is primarily a director of animated movies. I really liked his short, entitled Adam 5 do 12 (Adam 5 [Minutes] To 12), because the music was dramatic, the theme is the apocalypse/fall of man, and it was unique.  I'd never seen anything like it.  There is a web page for him that gives a little more information on him.  Again, my lack of Macedonian knowledge does not allow me to find more videos.  So enjoy the ones I have!

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