22 May 2013

Animation Gluttony

I love seeing animations and so do you!  They're not all with English subtitles, so bust out that translating software/website.  Today has a wide selection from countries, styles, and even time periods (though not one is past 1990).  Gear up for some beautiful animation, which goes so unappreciated these days.

Haplea (Blockhead) - Romania

A Kockásfülű Nyúl (The Plaid-Eared Rabbit) - Hungary

Janoschs Traumstunde (Janosch's Dream Hour) - Germany

Biene Maja (Maya the Bee)- Germany

Interestingly, Biene Maja was pretty popular and has Russian, Czech, and Polish dubbing (and Spanish!).  It still plays on TV in Germany.

Bolek i Lolek (Bolek and Lolek) - Poland

(I recommend opening this in YouTube and seeing the other episodes!)

Oranžová Schránka (The Orange Mailbox) - Czech Republic/Slovakia

Doroteja in noj (Dorothy and Ostrich) - Slovenia

 Měsíční Pohádka (Monthly Fairytale) - Zdeněk Miler

That's a load for today, but there should be future posts of more CEE animation!


  1. Just now finding these and they rock! A note, though: do we know anything about the directors, animators, studios, etc. who produced these films?

  2. I haven't looked into them myself, so I don't have much insight. If I had more time on my hands, I'd probably wade through those waters.