06 September 2012

Discover Cultural Treasures

I've held onto these links for far, far too long.  My RSS feeds are the best.  I skim the headlines, click on what I want to learn more about, and get several points of view on an issue.  These links come from my feeds and touch on the cultural aspects of Europe.  It's been all politics and economics lately because I simply need a lot more time to research cultural points of interest.  The links are listed after the jump.

Balkan Cultural Gems
I've been on a serious Balkan kick lately and the map I nailed to my living room wall can prove it.  It's about time I moved on from my Poland-Hungary-Germany obsessions (they're still alive and well) and move on to slightly more complicated regions of the continent.  The Balkans have, to me, always seemed messy and rather incomprehensible––you were right, Slavenka––but I am determined to get a basic knowledge that allows me to appreciate current events.  This link is a good little overview of what is worth seeing in the Balkan area.  If you're vacationing or stopping by the area, take a gander.  Even if you aren't, perhaps the article will spark an interest before you start your European backpacking adventure.

If you love Europe but don't live there, this is for you.  I am pretty excited about this.  The main goal of the website is to archive and archive European television programs.  My experience with modern German (not to mention Hungarian) television left me underwhelmed.  It was either hokey, dubbed American programs/movies, or children's programs.  At the same time, there was a lot to be learned through television programming.  One, it shows what appeals to the masses.  I have mentioned my unabashed fascination with Hungarian pop, discovered through VIVA, a Hungarian MTV-like station.  Commercial and simply fluff, it gave me a window into a generation I wasn't really a part of and had very little connection to.  My exposure to Decalogue, the most epic television series possibly ever created, has given me insight into Polish culture.  There is so much good that comes through television and EUscreen is there to give you a glimpse!

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