02 July 2012

Russian Hair Tutorials

I normally try to avoid posts on Russian things, but I just got suckered into hair tutorials on YouTube and I don't know how I do it, but I ended up in the Russian corner of YouTube hair tutorials.  This is such a typical occurrence: I will be browsing through various suggested videos and then I end up east of Germany on the internet.  It must be the law of attraction.

I found so many tutorials from Russia, some of them nuttier than others.  I was fascinated by the prevalence of hair twisting.  Most of the western world (at least through the lens of Pinterest..) is obsessed with good ol' fashioned braids, while the Russians seem to like twisting their hair.  My glib survey of Russian hair tutorials have given me quite a variety.

This one made me laugh.  I could easily see this on a runway and it's a high fashion/aesthetic look than something you would wear for a special event.

 This one is an incredibly intricate braid. Creative, fun, and it made me think of anime.


  This hairstyle is insane in the membrane.  I don't even really have words.  It must be for more of a "wow" factor than something your daughter would wear to school.  Perhaps for a play?

 These are the hair twisting tutorials I found really fascinating:



 I really enjoyed the womenbeauty1 channel. This hairstyle was also a total favorite of mine. So beautiful! I wouldn't have minded such a hairstyle for my wedding.

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