27 July 2011

Balkan News

My RSS feed reader is slowly becoming larger than the newspapers I read.  I recently made it worse by adding Balkan Insights, which will supplement the six I was reading before.  I can't even keep up with some of them, so I simply browse headlines to keep myself sane.  This website is great and a fantastic addition to my feeds because I need some more Balkan news.  I give a full review after the jump.

The website is really well structured for a news outlet that contains 9 countries in its scope.  You can focus specifically on EU topics, business, culture/lifestyle, politics/society, a particular country, or any combination of those subjects.  It allows you to both hone in on your topics of interest or to broaden your horizons on news from all of them.  You can define what news you would like to receive.  It's a "create your own Balkan news update" website, really.  You can view the website in this manner or sign up for news feeds in the exhaustive list of RSS channels here.

But there's still so much more!  There's videos, press reviews, blogs, Hot Topics, analyses, comments, features, interviews, investigations, and profiles.  Whew!  If you're reading this blog (esp. this post...), I'm not sure you will not find something of interest on there. 

Some of the content has a pay-wall, but the general news features are available for free.  The subscription fees are reasonable, especially if you're a student, but you can get a personal subscription for a month (10 euros), 6 months (55 euros), or a year (100 euros). Student subscriptions are 10, 30 and 50 euros respectively.  Try it out for a month and continue if you love it, or discontinue if you're not interested.  But do enjoy the free content because it's worth a read.

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