30 June 2011


I know that June has been the blogging desert here, but I am out of town for the next week!  I will spend the end part of next week finishing up my Country Spotlight week...those posts are a doozy to write.

For reading material, either browse through my archives or look at the blogs I listed on the "Featured Blogs & RSS" page.  Eastern Approaches and Emerging Europe are excellent blogs from well respected sources.

If cultural analyses interest you, visit Sociological Images.  I am highly addicted.  I must warn that it is focused on American culture, so it is fairly unrelated to the subject matter of this blog (a regrettable detail the prevents me from featuring it!). 

For people interested in female/feminist perspectives, there is Her Blueprint, which I also follow religiously.  With their recent post on female emcees, you can probably see why.  Regardless, I'm a feminist.

Those are my suggestions in addition to an old one: read a book.  Preferably about Eastern Europe or by an author from the region.  I'm currently holding How The Soldier Repairs the Gramophone by Saša Stanišić, The Foundation Pit by Andrey Platonov, and The Joke by Milan Kundera.  I have book reviews on this blog for those who need some guidance (click on the word "books" or "review" in the Topics word cloud).  There are 15 featured books, so one is bound to capture your interest.  Have at it, readers.