09 February 2011

Petr Jakubik

Today's designer is Petr Jakubik from Slovakia. I came across his work at the designeast.eu website.  The chair to the right is a "DIY Panton" chair that he designed.  Verner Panton is an influential 20th century Danish designer whose S shaped chair is similarly famous.  The video explaining how to make the DIY Panton chair is in a language I do not know, but the visual seems cheeky enough (see below).  I'm not exactly sure what it's trying to accomplish.  The commercial was done by Tomcateden, a "young European creative art studio".  They also did another commercial, but for a cabinet with chalkboard paint on it.  It's part of Jakubik's DIY furniture series.  When I looked more into the matter, I came across the name "Comunistar", which naturally attracted my attention.  After following the trail of links, I found a page on Facebook that explained far more than the domain web site.  It's a Slovakian brand of design and for reasons I am unsure of, is impossible to track down on the internet.  The main page only connects to their Facebook group and websites only summarize their mission.  I don't know about you, but I have a feeling I'm not welcome in their design club.

That aside, there are more designers than just Petr in Comunistar.  DesignEast's posts on the brand mention other designers, but the links are no longer existing [the above link shows more of their work!].  Awesome.  I would feature more of these designers if they were not seemingly purposefully hiding themselves.  Petr is not so difficult to find, however, and he has a website.  The products in the lower banner have a sexual fetish theme to them, made all too obvious by the "Porn Star Pen Holder" which may be a tongue in cheek play on oversexualization in the modern age.  He seems to have more class than a sex shop and Comunistar's mission suggests his designs have more thought.  I do find the Widow bag interesting because it solves the problem of having your purse collapse when you put it on the ground.  You can also see close up photos of the DIY series on the website.  So browse and discover Petr Jakubik !