21 January 2011

Weekend Post (Art Week is coming up)

This is the last post before ART WEEK!

I may or may not post something over the weekend, but I am a little impulsive. It's also Why So Red's one week anniversary today! Hooray! I am very very VERY excited about art week and I've been doing some research to find good stuff. If the discussion of politics and books hasn't sparked your interest yet, hopefully next week will.

Today's post will include a number of RSS feeds that I recommend. I will admit that they are EU-centric, but the EU is an important aspect of Europe regardless of the region and it's important to at least know something about it.

The first is the EU News. If you want to subscribe, enter
http://www.eubusiness.com/RDF I like that it's focused on what's currently going on in the EU world because I don't have the time to browse through the website and keep up to date on all that goes on. If nothing else, the short synopsis gives you a good idea of what's bubbling.

Another good EU RSS subscription is EU Observer: http://feeds.euobserver.com/rss/9 Again, it's focused, has a short synopsis, and prevents me from being dependent on one news source. I like the opinion section and the site is nice and simple.

The next is European Voice: http://www.europeanvoice.com/Rss/6.xml It's an independent news source on the EU and I like some of the snarky headliners like "Orbán tells MEPs to shut up". News with a bit of a bite, I say. There are also opinion articles that I enjoy and the website has some great connections and resources. I haven't fully explored them, but so far I'm impressed.

There are also some blogs I've found that have cool material.

There is a blog on the Economist that's about Eastern Europe! Hooray! I haven't browsed it as much as I would have liked, but since it's the Economist, I'm pretty confident that it's decent, at the very least. It's called Eastern Approaches and it actually deals with more than economics. It already puts this blog to shame, but I'm also doing this sans salary. If you're lazy like me, use this for an RSS feed: http://www.economist.com/blogs/eastern-approaches/atom.xml

Edward Lucas, either one of or THE writer of Eastern Approaches, has his own blog. Surprisingly, I found his blog first and the Economist second. I'm going to have to check out his work, which focuses on the threat of Russia. Perhaps a book review? We shall see. If you want to check out his blog, click here.

That's all the links for today (but I have so much more). They will be put up in the Resources of Interest page, which will grow with time until there are separate pages for different resources. There's no way you'll get through all of those in one weekend unless you have nothing better to do, which is okay because these sites are pretty rockin'. I will see you all on Monday with ART WEEK!